Committing Miriam Carey

This should not come as a shock to anyone who has any inkling of knowledge of the Miriam Carey killing in Washington DC, but it’s finally official revealed that she possessed no weapons and had “no motive” to do what she did.. Of course, her action and the lack of a weapon didn’t help stop her demise. Police shot her and killed her in front of her one-year-old child after a wild day of varied news reports ..
I ask you this, though.. Why the silence? An innocent African American woman gunned down at close range by an army of police officers in the Nation’s Capitol.. and what occurs? Congress gives a standing ovation … no civil rights leaders speak up.. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton don’t say a word any of this.. Who will weep for Miriam Carey? Her family, for one… perhaps one day her young child, a child who will luckily not remember seeing her mother be shot dead as the nation’s media happily cheered on the state’s actions in making sure she didn’t live any more seconds to tell why she was acting the way she was the day she died.
Interestingly enough, the family of Carey has not been permitted to view her body.. They haven’t seen the child.. few are asking how her car slammed security gates, but didn’t have air bags deploy, and didn’t have any hardcore visible damage when cops finally cornered her. And finally, the big one, why are no media organizations concerned with the reality of events and why she actually died that fateful day in Washington D.C. ??