FRIGHTFUL FRIDAY: The scariest of the scary from around the world and beyond

The sun has come alive! M class and X class flares..the latest in a series of strong bursts that came off of the sun was an X1.7 flare. It will be set now to provide a glancing blow to the planet Earth.. The X class flare came from sunspot 1882.. you can find the most and best information concerning this and other previous flares from the suddenly active sun on SOALRHAM.NET, plus you can also hear why the sun is suddenly so active and what that can mean courtesy a video provided by Art Bell’s website..
The government is used to regulating products and not selling them. Perhaps that’s too easy of a way out for the Obama Administration? I just think the entire disaster that is now happening with Obamacare is unfortunate–there really is no way to even debate is Obamacare itself is good, because the problems with the health care rollout has completely overshadowed the argument as to whether health care reform was right or wrong. Now we are dealing and reeling with insurance cuts for people who have plans they wanted to keep, and a failure of a website that, for some reason, works worse than even a Geocities page in the late 1990s..
The news rundown concerning this, should you wish to cringe:
Remember the woman the other day who was fainting behind President Obama while he spoke? Why did he turn around BEFORE the woman fainted? Wow. . this video is quite a bombshell of conspiratorial thought. I love it!
Maybe the NSA should re-create the site.. but they are busy with their own stuff.. They record 124 billion calls A MONTH .. they may know everything from the drugs you’re taking, to what you’re having for dinner, to who you’re currently attempting to mate with.. And they know if the partner really wants you to mate with them. It’s gotten to the point where now nations are actually turning to the United Nations to implement some internet privacy rules.. The angriest may be Germany’s Angela Merkel, who apparently has been spied on by the NSA too.. Old friend (or foe to some) Edward Snowden says there is no telephone call in America that does not leave some sort of record with the NSA.. ..
But life online may get a little more transparent, thanks to Mozilla. They have a new product called LIGHTBEAM, and it is set to expose those companies who are looking over your shoulder while you surf the world online..
It is now one year since Superstorm Sandy hit the East Coast.. Accuweather revisited the state to monitor what has happened in the area since.. The story pays the most attention to New Jersey .. things aren’t as good as what some may have hoped for by now..
As Israel continues to shake with strange quakes, we have this dire warning from an alarmist: A big earthquake in Israel could kill 7000!
This is an amazing story from the Philippines: A wall of rock reveals a new fault line in the nation! The rock wall developed after the strong 7.2 quake devastated parts of the nation on October 15.. villagers report a strong stench of sulfur and say the rock wall rose on one side as the ground was shaking..
There is a theory that oarfish wash ashore when a big event is about to take place–perhaps tectonic movement. It’s rare.. but it happened prior to the massive Japan quake and tsunami. And now oarfish are washing ashore in California .. The oarfish has drawn gawkers .. but also some fears.. Could this be a sign of movement deep under the ocean, in the depths of the earth? Is something moving? Oarfish predicting earthquakes is not as crazy as it sounds..
Some more fish news: Remember the news we and so many others have been reporting on concerning a mysterious and loud global hum? A new theory now provides a potential answer: It could be the sound of mating fish in the North Atlantic and the English Channel .. So when the waters are rockin’ I’d imagine it’s not good to go knockin’??
Pork is what’s NOT for dinner for me anymore: A pig disease that killed millions of piglets in China has now spread to the United States. US farmers have now reported 768 cases of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV).

I have long debated in my own mind: What do I hate more, spiders or snakes? So far, my experience with snakes has been rotten. They sneak into my house.. one nonvenomous one bit me in 2007.. But my wife has suffered a few spider bites that made my little two-holed snake bite look like child’s play. Now this from the UK: A venomous spider attack has shut down a British school! Apparently the Den Academy has experienced an outbreak of the ‘false widow’ .. no, not the black widow spider. The false widow, as opposed to the widow of another nature, is called Britain’s deadliest spider .. it’s not aggressive towards humans, but does bite if it gets trapped in clothing.. It is believed to have arrived in the UK in crates of fruit from the Canary Islands. And since, eight legged hell ensued. Oh, and thanks to climate change, people expect the false widow to mate and spread across the United Kingdom. And if crates of tea and crumpets or fish and chips leave there to other places? Expect the false widow to just spread across the planet. A whole new world of venomous life. Great. And these spiders are plain out horrendously ugly..

Hundreds of dogs are now dead in the United States thanks to pet treats. They are made in China. The FDA is so far inconclusive about what is actually contained in the jerky treats that may be causing the internal bleeding and sickness that leads to death..
This is a little bit of a follow up to the SMITHSONIAN report from days ago that the HORROR REPORT linked to: Researchers and experts really cannot find evidence that Halloween candy was ever tainted.. So why the fear?
College frightened by ‘offensive’ Halloween costumes and now their ban on such outfits has made global headlines..
If you are looking for a haunted location this Halloween, try a hotel. They will set the scene perfectly. Maybe with the events of recent times, and oldened days, you should avoid the Cecil, though..
What in the hell is going on in Hong Kong! Another day goes by, and another extortion attempt has rocked the set of TRANSFORMERS 4! Michael Bay, what is happening!?
We are so over the season of the witch already: BAD GRANDPA forecast to top box office this weekend..
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