NIGHTMARE AT FUKUSHIMA.. And other samplings of the Monday news


New York TIMES details: “When CEO’s embrace the occult” The TIMES writes about Korean executives who often consult spiritual advisers before making major business decisions — decisions that can affect their employees around the world…
OBAMASHOCK: website STOLE copyrighted scripts! And the site STILL does not work!? Shameful.. technologically shameful..
The WASHINGTON POST is reporting on a new water park in North Korea.. The government built the brightly colored park, in the middle of the drabby conditions the nation faces.. among some odd photos released, the POST reports, pictures of “handful of eager-looking young men and women playing in the water while, in the background, a mass of several hundred stern-looking men in dark suits look on silently. It’s weird.”
Where did the fear of poison in Halloween candy or knives in apples come from? The MEDIA! The SMITHSONIAN offers up an interesting report that you probably didn’t know: You really never had anything to fear with All Hallow’s Eve treats.. I myself also recall a childhood fear of this very thing–the notion that the candy would kill me or that a razor blade would be hidden in my fruit. The fear was only inspired further by the scene from HALLOWEEN 2 (not the Rob Zombie version) of a boy in a pirate suit being taken to the hospital for his mouth bleeding.. Those fears that we have, ingrained in us from an early age thanks to modern media and pop culture. And today, I still check the candy every Halloween night..