“Sons of the devil” pass their budget, and Ke$ha has a haunted vagina. All this and more


The United States did not default. Once again, politicians took the nation to the brink of destruction and, at the last moment, turned back and agreed on a deal–one that will only be temporary of course.. So the brink of disaster will happen again. And again. And again. But if we make it through November and December we’ll be fine..
If only elections were this year….

But the passage of the budget was not without incident–and a strange one, as well.. The HORROR REPORT reported last night about the strange Freeman rant that a House stenographer had on the floor of Congress last night. . . she shouted “You are all sons of the devil” as she was taken from the floor by security.. Her name is Diane Reidy, and she approached the mic in Congress like a zombie in a trance-like state.. She began to shout, saying “The greatest deception here is this is not one nation under God, it never was!” There is video of the affair.. While some are laughing at Reidy’s predicament, this was somewhat alarming to me. There is always something strange to me about people in zombie-like appearances shouting about God, Freemasons, or anything else. It also reminded me of something I heard on Clyde Lewis just the other evening, when he spoke about the woman on an airplane shouting “God you’re my savior” in a repetitive fashion.. Are people over the edge? Has the borderline of sanity been reached and ..well, passed by? I don’t know.. I, for one, will not laugh at Reidy and her outburst..The Washington POST reported that House staffers are visibly shaken by the incident. She has been sent to the hospital for a mental ‘evaluation’.. .. Let’s hope someone finds out just why she snapped and what took place to put her over the edge.
Imagine.. someone saying Congress is absent God. How dare she. ..
On to the news, even scarier than the Congressman who inhabit D.C. .. well, maybe..

Pro-Obama blogger with the DAILY KOS lambastes Obamacare and has profanity-laced rant about how he will cancel his insurance..
Then again, if Congress doesn’t read bills they pass, how on earth would Americans even know what’s in it? We will all find out soon enough.

Sinkhole swallows man’s back yard in Maryland..
Multiple sinkholes in Palmyra, PA.. *(Palmyra is very close to Harrisburg, PA, the state’s capitol.. that city has experience numerous sinkholes over the past year)

A new global survey reveals slavery worldwide: Nearly 30 million Earthlings around the planet are slaves.. India has the highest number of slaves with 14 million..

Convicted murderers released from Florida prison because of mistake..

Big moose die-off in Montana..

Divers working at a Russian lake have recovered a half-tonne chunk of the space rock that exploded over Chelyabinsk earlier this year…And right after they pulled it from the water, they promptly broke it up..

Fort Hood soldiers getting training on how to ‘manage themselves in peaceful situations involving civilians’

A school survey was asking students what their parents’ political affiliations were and if rifles should be banned. Parents fumed. The Blaze reported. The survey got deleted. Life in 1984 sure is a BRAVE NEW WORLD..

Domination: Monsanto hires former Senator to lobby..

Expect to hear much ado about nothing with this story.. while I don’t believe Oreo cookies have the same addictive nature as cocaine, that is what researchers claimed.. Of course an Oreo does typically proceed to pleasure and, most likely the craving to have more, I can quit them whenever I want to.. I predict this story will vanish from our collective memory quite quickly. A few more Oreos will help ..

All due credit must go to Clyde Lewis who brought this topic to national attention.. A flesh rotting drug is now in the United States.. It’s called Krokodil.. and it kills after it takes your skin from your body. It all started in Russia. And just when you ask yourself, “why would anyone mix gasoline and other ingredients to make a drug that eats your flesh, consider this: 2.5 million Russians did. And now it’s here, in the United States. Are you ready for the horrors you are going to see?

A new picture of Saturn’s rings are completely amazing..

The HOLLYWOOD REPORTER has an exclusive about the movie NOAH.. according to the report, Darren Aronofsky and Paramount are at odds over the final cut.. .. Even more: The HR reports religious people who have seen the movie during test screenings were not impressed.. Miley Cyrus continues to dominate pop culture, headlines, and the Billboard 200..

FIFTY SHADES OF GREY: Leo to the rescue!?
…Jamie Dornan?
..or Francois Arnaud?

“HELL NO”.. the most realistic horror movie ever? *It’s a comedy.


A list has been released of the highest paid TV actors. Ashton Kutcher tops the list.. he’s the biggest boob tube star of our age, I suppose.. According to FOBRES, he makes $24 mil a year.. Jon Cryer second at $21 mil.. Ray Ramano (what year is it!?) with $16 mil, Neil Patrick Harris (who should be 1st) $15 mil.. Mark Harmon $15 mil, Patrick Dempsey $13 MIL, Tim Allen (WHAT YEAR IS IT!?) $11 mil, Angus Jones $11 mil, Michael Hall $10 mil, and rounding out the list: Charlie Sheen at $10 mil.

Author argues that it’s time to ban Halloween in schools.. Charles Haynes writes in the WASHINGTON POST: “Even better, dialing back Halloween during the school day would send a message of respect for the beliefs and values of many religious parents. Yes, Halloween as currently celebrated in elementary school classrooms is constitutional. But just because it’s legal doesn’t make it right.”

TRANSFORMERS 4 director attacked on set in Hong Kong! 

MADE IN CHINA: Halloween decorations could be health hazard due to chemicals in products..

Ke$ha describes ghost meter beeping in her vagina.. I don’t know what to say.

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