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I have been following JOHN B WELLS for some time .. For those who don’t know who he is, he was once the weekend host of Coast to Coast AM. He left the program to do his own show, the CARAVAN TO MIDNIGHT–or he was forced out by George Noory and company at Coast–and now he has a pay-per-listen business and broadcasts daily. Ironically, his ‘Midnight’ show airs during the daytime hours. 

He also hosts conspiracy topics. Often I agree with him.  Often I don’t. But I have always been entertained by his style, his voice, and his knowledge and seemingly amazing memory of interesting tidbits of music, UFOlogy, and conspiracy theory.

In this video linked here, he unloads quite a bit on Alex Jones, George Noory, and Michael Savage.. It was quite extraordinary to hear some of the statements from Wells. He wants nothing to do with Alex Jones’ INFOWARS, and even alleges that the site simply regurgitates the stories of others and credits themselves with breaking news. He also goes in depth on his criticism of “Dr Savage” and Savages’ tendancy to brag about his wealth on his program.. He also gives Noory, the current COAST host, some zingers about the new ‘Paranormal Date website Noory has been promoting..

Wells was a divisive host to a degree when he was on Coast to Coast AM. However, his programs rated higher than the weekly shows hosted by Noory and often had more listeners. 
Perhaps that’s why it’s no surprise that Noory and Danheiser may have wanted Wells to be off the air..
Even Art Bell has commented on the Wells’ situation in the past.

But to hear Wells put into words some of the feelings he has evolved into having is fascinating.. Amazing.. Riveting. And regardless of what some may say about his over indulgence on Sandy Hook or other theories, he is interesting. And that is the very thing that Coast to Coast AM currently lack: Being interesting.