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Saturday Night Live's staleness was on full display during its opening season premiere last night.. hackneyed jokes. Tired humor.. nothing creative or inventive, just the expected..

Until KANYE WEST, now the artist formerly known as Kanye, performed. Meet YE.


Following his performance of “Ghost Town” during the 44th season premiere of Saturday Night Live, Kanye West, sporting a red Make America Great Again hatin support of President Donald Trump, went on one of his typical rants.
The bizarre lecture occurred off-air, after his performance, where he was joined by Kid Cudi and 070 Shake, and was cut for time—but comedian Chris Rock, who was in the audience at Studio 8H in New York City, was able to capture part of it on his Instagram.
Following his performance of “Ghost Town” during the 44th season premiere of Saturday Night Live, Kanye West, sporting a red Make America Great Again hatin support of President Donald Trump, went on one of his typical rant…

Car explosion in Allentown PA

The Allentown PA MORNING CALL is reporting this late night Saturday night massacre in the city:

A car explosion Saturday night on Turner Street in center city Allentown resulted in multiple fatalities, according to Allentown police.
Assistant Chief Gail Struss said authorities do not know how many died.
The explosion happened around 9:30 p.m. on the block between Seventh and Eighth streets. Along with city police, investigators from the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives were on the scene. Around midnight, a team of investigators worked around the burnt skeleton of the car
The explosion reverberated beyond the block. It shook The Morning Call building, which is about a block and a half from the scene. And on Facebook, people from other parts of the Allentown and even outside the city’s borders said they heard or felt the boom.
There was a very graphic video of the explosion being widely shared on social media in Pennsylvania Saturday night into Sunday morning tha…

True horror in Indonesia: Surprise tsunami kills more than 800 -- sensors missed the wave! .. photos and videos reveal the horror


More than 800 are dead and 540 injured after strong tremor hit the central Indonesian island of Sulawesi on Friday followed by a massive 7.5 magnitude earthquake..

Indonesia's disaster agency's Sutopo Purwo Nugroho withdrew an earlier warning to residents of a tsunami..
THREE hours later Indonesia's geophysics agency said there had been one, and hundreds have now died...
The cities of Palu and Donggala were struck by 10ft waves which demolished houses and swept away cars.


Many of those killed in Palu were swept away by giant waves more than 10ft high as they played on the beach in the scenic tourist town.
The number of casualties was no doubt increased by the fact that hundreds of people had descended on Palu's beach for a festival to celebrate the city's anniversary, due to start Friday night.
'When the (tsunami) threat arose yesterday, people were still doing their activities on the beach and did not immediately ru…

Justice unchained: Kennedy lets loose!

"Perhaps we didn't do too good a job teaching the importance of preserving democracy by an enlightened civic discourse," Kennedy said during an appearance at a high school in his hometown of Sacramento, California. "In the first part of this century we're seeing the death and decline of democracy."

Kennedy's appearance were a part of a Constitution Day celebration, as Kennedy went to teach students about the document, according to a report by the Associated Press.
Kennedy did not directly comment on Brett Kavanaugh or the confirmation hearing by the Senate Judiciary Committee. He also declined to take questions from the audience. He urged the students to follow the Constitution and participate in civil discourse.


HALLOWEEN promotion continues, this time in Entertainment WEEKLY

JAMIE LEE CURTIS.. the scream queen. Back on the cover of Entertainment WEEKLY thanks to the John Carpenter re-imagining re-make re-creation of the original 1978 classic HALLOWEEN..

The movie has some hoping for a $65 mil opening weekend.. or more?? $80 Mil? One prognosticator who clearly is in camp Carpenter wrote that the movie has the chance on scoring a cool $100 mil..

But one question may be this: How fun will HALLOWEEN be?

The original was cutting edge. It's tough to be cutting edge with 40 years of horror creations that have attempted to duplicate the efforts of Debra Hill and John Carpenter on a low budget with a piano in the 1970s...

This from the EW story is interesting:

Green insists Halloween lovers need not worry. “We’re really trying to honor Carpenter’s vision,” says the filmmaker. “Danny said a really smart thing: ‘Until there’s killings, there’s no jokes. Let’s not give anybody anything to laugh at until we’ve scared them s—less.’”
Humor free.
no frills.. no fun…

Heather Wade gets the radio room ready

While ferocious debate continues on the HORROR REPORT and other websites that speculate and opine about these issues of paranormal radio talk show hosts, Heather Wade is getting ready for her premiere as host of THE KINGDOM OF NYE radio..

Wade posted a photo today on her Facebook page showcasing the radio room where she will broadcast from.

Fans of Art Bell may recognize a few things..  from the clock to the floor. Wade continues to broadcast from the same location in Pahrump Nevada where Bell made himself home to fans on MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT.

Controversy  developed  from an interview last week that Karen Jackson did on the Bartcast .. One of the ABs, Art Bell's widow Airyn Bell, even made a statement on the program concerning recent developments..

The statement suggests that Wade should do her her show with her own name.. She also said she wants less drama...

Art Bell fans over the decades became used to drama.. But the death of Bell has caused a surge in vitriolic rage among fa…

The top ten Halloween costumes in 2018


1. Tonya Harding: Feeling like the 90s all over again! Tonya is the way to go.. get a bat and don't take crap..

2. A Riverdale character: Riverdale is an American teen drama television series based on the characters of Archie Comics.. Not sure if people over the age or 25 will know who you are when you come to the door..

3. A 90’s icon: Nostalgia is in.  But people who grew up in the 80s and 90s may realize how fast this entire nostalgia thing came. Flannels? What will prevail! The 90s.. they are coming back! Sadly everything sucks that EVERYTHING SUCKS was not renewed..

4. A warrior of Wakanda: Black Panther was potentially one of the best movies of the year.. And Wakanda is one of the best costumes.

5. A flamingo: It just does not make sense to me.

6. Edna Mode: She will make her way to your doorstep this Halloween...


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