When big news happens, big audiences tune to FOX

Megyn Kelly, Sean Hannity Hit New Ratings Highs With Crisis Coverage » Coverage of both the Malaysia Airlines downed over Ukraine and unrest in the Gaza region helped two Fox News Channel programs reach new total-audience highs, according to data from Nielsen Kelly is easy on the eyes. Hannity is not. Depending on your political … Read moreWhen big news happens, big audiences tune to FOX

The Pope said wah? Oh no he did Not

NEW STATS! 1 IN 50! …..ONE IN FIFTY PRIESTS ARE PEDOPHILES BUT…. The Vatican is now in damage control–and denial.. The Church claims that Pope Francis was misquoted by the ‘left leaning’ newspaper.. And this: The BBC reports this: “When is a papal interview not an interview? Sunday’s edition of La Repubblica devotes its first … Read moreThe Pope said wah? Oh no he did Not

The Joan Rivers show

First Joan Rivers said that Michelle Obama was a transsexual.. then during some tough questions on CNN, she walked out of the interview. Now David Letterman turns the tables, walking out for a bit on his own show.. Actually may be one of the funnier moments from Letterman in quite some time.. Enjoy: [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONgN2Hgz3XE&w=560&h=315] … Read moreThe Joan Rivers show